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NIRA Communications is a public relations’ agency, profiled in organizing of PR campaigns and special events of arts and culture mainly on the territory of Varna and the region.

The company is created in 2006 by Nina Lokmadzhieva – an expert with long experience in art journalism and public relations. The team enlists assistants and consultants specialized in arts, science, media and marketing communications. The agency co-operates with leading designers, photographers, web designers and other specialists of the region.

The cognition of business situation in Varna, skilled relations with media and close contacts with representatives of all kinds of arts help in organizing powerful and well remembered events.

These advantages determine the NIRA Communications as a preferable partner of other companies situated in Sofia in conducting their own events in Varna.

The special events planned and managed by the company enlist the opening of Prista Oil Terminal at Varna Port – 2008, The Annual Exhibition of M-TEL – 2009, The Special Olympics Bulgaria events.

The team is solid well experienced in communicating of major international activities – festivals, exhibitions, special corporative events.

PR campaigns organized by the agency distinguish profound marketing approach and pointed attention to the professional requirements of different audiences and particularly to the media in Bulgaria.

NIRA Communications managed the PR actions in Varna of numbers of stars as the great piano player Richard Clayderman (2010), the violin virtuoso Nigel Kennedy (2007) and the violist Yuri Bashmet (2010), Vasko Vasilev (2006 and 2008), Lord Of The Dance (2010), The Moiseev Russian Ballet (2008), Boney M (2009 and 2010), Beloslava (2009), etc.

The company warmly supports the cause “Varna – candidate for European capital of culture 2019”. Working for this nomination NIRA Communications published the book “European capitals of culture” in Bulgarian and English.

The company started a series of music concerts named “The Great Unknown Composers” – a new approach to the European classical heritage through the expressions of jazz and pop culture.

NIRA Communications held two international campaigns in Italy - Sicily and Bulgaria – Varna in collaboration with partners from Italy in March 2011.

The first – WHERE IS BULGARIA included more than 200 people in the town of Barchelona Pozo di Goto in Sicily. They learned a lot about Bulgaria and found many parallels in the dramatic history by lectures and information materials.

The action 3 COLORS, 2 FLAGS, 1 IDEA - FREEDOM was dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy. The messages of this campaign touched more than1000 Bulgarians in honor of 1000 soldiers of Garibaldi and left a long-lasting impression.

The agency gives extra special attention to the support of popularizing young artists in literature and visual arts.

Nina Lokmadzhieva and NIRA Communications carry their social responsibility by frequent pro bono activities for children with special needs in Karin Dom – Varna and Special Olympics – Bulgaria.


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